Cat Trapped for Three Weeks in Bathroom Wall

A cat that had been missing for three weeks was recovered after its owner in Greeley, Colo., found the animal trapped inside a bathroom wall.

Apparently the mischievous black cat, named Satan, had found its way through a hole in a nearby apartment’s wall during some plumbing work weeks ago and was later walled up, the Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera said.

While owner Ernie Colvin desperately searched the neighborhood for the lost cat, the animal remained trapped in the wall for three weeks.

Then Colvin’s granddaughter came to visit and when the 9-year-old went to her partially deaf cousin’s apartment, she heard Satan mewing.

Eventually the cat was freed from the wall and recovered from its major weight loss at a local veterinarian’s office.

Colvin told the newspaper one benefit of the cat’s unusual disappearing act is its newfound appreciation for its owner.

He’s OK. He thinks I’m going to leave him, Colvin said. He’s a lot more mellow than he used to be.


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