Two years later, Lost cat home thanks to Facebook

EAST BETHEL, Minn. (WCCO):  Their cat slipped out of their East Bethel home and was on the run for two years. The family gave up hope of ever seeing Bob again. Then, just a short time ago, they were reunited by an Internet phenomenon.

“We got him after we got back from our honeymoon,” said Bob’s owner Shane Meide.
So Bob the cat held a special place in the newlywed’s hearts.

“We love everything about his personality. We love the size, we love big, fat cats,” said Nicole Meide.  So they were heart-broken when Bob escaped and ran away months later.

“We searched for days and days, we even put up fliers. We asked everyone in the neighborhood, ” said Nicole.

They never found their 20-pound main coon cat and eventually moved away from their East Bethel home.

“We were sad. We missed him so much,” said Nicole.

Then, two years after he disappeared, someone found Bob and brought him into the Coon Rapids Humane Society .  The big cat was scanned for a microchip identification.
“His microchip information was unfortunately out of date,” said Amber Wallin with the Coon Rapids Animal Humane Society.  She searched online for phone numbers with no luck.  Because the Meides cared enough to report Bob missing, and because he was in such good shape and so affectionate, Wallin knew she had to do everything she could to reunite them.

“So I took a leap and checked Facebook,” said Wallin.

She found Shane and Nicole’s Facebook page they had set up just days earlier.

“All of a sudden, out of the blue, we get an e-mail saying, ‘Hey, we found your cat,'” said Shane.

Soon, the Meide family was reunited with their Bob… cat.

“It brought tears of joy, it really did,” said Nicole. “My stomach just jumped because I thought it was fabulous.”

And the Meides are so grateful to Wallin.

“She did go above and beyond. If she wouldn’t have thought to look on Facebook,” said Shance.

And now, the profile picture on the Meide’s Facebook page is appropriately, Bob.

The Humane Society says it’s easy for pet owners to change contact information on their pet by simply calling the company the chip.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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One Response to Two years later, Lost cat home thanks to Facebook

  1. Taylor A. says:

    I’m the daughter of Nicole Meide, my name is Taylor. Bob was mean before he left, but know he is the nicest cat I’ve ever owned!

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