Cat Found 2,361 Miles from Home & Four Years Later

A purebred Himalayan cat wandered into a hospital in Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia about four months ago. With an owner nowhere to be found, a nurse adopted him. The nurse was recently transferred and could not take the cat, so she took him to Donna Weber, the local veterinarian. Weber scanned the cat and found an embedded microchip. The cat’s owner was in Tasmania, 3800 kilometers away!

Clyde’s owner Katrina Phillips was moved to tears when she got the call last week that Clyde was alive and well in Queensland.

“We just can’t believe he’s alive, it’s just unbelievable and it’s so emotional,” Ms Phillips said.

“I bought him as a birthday present for my daughter Ashleigh and one day, about three years ago, he just disappeared.

No one knows how the cat traveled so far, or what happened during those three years. Clyde will be reunited with Phillips as soon as an escort is arranged.

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