Skinny’s Story and the Power of Prayer

When I was a teenager living at home, we had a cat show up one day in the driveway. None of the neighbors claimed him, and the poor thing was very skinny. So we began feeding him and calling him Skinny, or Skinny Cat.

Skinny stayed with us for several months and then for some reason my dad didn’t want him around anymore and drove him to a neighborhood across the highway. (I’m ashamed to admit this.) Well, it didn’t work, because about a week later, Skinny showed up again, and after that, well, my dad gave up.

But wait, there’s more!

A few years later, Skinny turned up missing, and stayed gone for a several months. I was busy with life during this time, but one day it hit me that I really missed that cat and I started praying that we’d find him.

One evening, I was going for a walk through the neighborhood and praying as I walked, as was my habit. For some reason I decided to take a right instead of a left at this one street where I ALWAYS went left. About halfway down, I heard meowing, and for some reason, maybe because it sounded like it was directed at me, it caught my attention. I looked around and found the source of the meow. It looked like Skinny!

I kept calling, and the cat would answer, but not come to me. I managed to get close enough to confirm that it was, in fact, Skinny, and with much coaxing, I was able to get close enough to grab him. Not being able to walk home with the cat, I called my sister to come pick me up (I always walked with my cell, just in case). I told her I found Skinny and she was like, “Oh my gosh!”, and I sat there on the side of the road holding him while I waited for her to get there.

So she came and picked me up and we brought Skinny home, much to my mother’s excitement and my father’s good natured dismay. Skinny lived with them until this past December, when I brought all my parents cats over to my house, as I felt they were too old to be outside cats anymore. Skinny is now about 12 years old.

So anyway, I completely believe that God answered my prayers and led me to Skinny that night. I have no idea how he got where he was, but it was awesome to find him. And yes, I have prayed for several cats to return home in the past who didn’t make it back, and I can’t explain the reasons for that. But I do know that my prayers worked this time.

I pray this helps, and that you all find your kitties!

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