Cat Found Due to Microchip After Seven Years

Nancy Shaskey never gave up searching, hoping to find her cat, Stickers. Back in 2003, Stickers, then 3 years old, jumped in the back of a repairman’s truck and was lost.

Last week, Shaskey got a call from the Humane Society of Utah (HSU). A cat had been turned in by her family, and when shelter staff scanned her for a microchip, they found her original address and phone number.

Ironically, Shaskey had originally adopted Stickers from the very same shelter, 10 years ago, when she was an orphan kitten.

After jumping onto the repairman’s truck, Stickers had found her way to the home of Megan Hess in nearby Murray, Utah. She’d been hurt, probably jumping off the truck and Hess nursed her back to health, called her Mow-mows and made her part of the family for the next seven years.

Then, in October, Hess ran into problems with her landlord and decided, sadly, that she would have to give up Mow-mows. A few days ago, she took her to the HSU shelter.

Full Story on Salt Lake Tribune, and a short video at KUTV.

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