Christmas Miracle – Cat Home After One Year Missing

Background:   Ace is five years old, orange mackerel, and I have had him and his sister Samara (a dilute tortie) since they were kittens around 8 weeks old. They have both been indoor/outdoor cats their whole lives. I tried to make them indoor only cats, but they were miserable and desperate to go outside, so I made the judgment call to allow them to enjoy their natural instincts.  Ace used to go out during the day and come in at night, or maybe the next morning. One day during January 2010, he went missing for about five days. He returned home one night, and I kept him inside for about four days, and then he was desperate to get out again. Something in the woods obviously had his attention, because he kept going in the same direction every time we let him out. I had no idea when I let him out that day that it would be nearly a year before I’d see him again.

Hello fellow cat lovers, I have a Christmas miracle to share with you that I hope will bring joy and hope to your hearts. My cat, Ace, disappeared back in January, and I posted [on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group] for advice. I called for him every day, walked up and down the street, walked through the woods, talked with neighbors, ran ads in the paper, and prayed. I never gave up hope that I would see my sweet Ace again, and I was really trusting God to take care of him and bring him back home.

This past Sunday night, I was in bed reading when my husband came running in and telling me to come to the back door. There was a cat outside on the back porch, and it was orange. I went outside and sure enough, it was Ace! He is in really good shape, even heavier than when he left home, so I know he’s been eating somewhere. I have no idea where he’s been or why he left, but I’m so glad he is home.

It’s been a rough year. My 19 1/2 year old cat had to be euthanized back in September, after being diagnosed with a tumor. We ended up having to do it on the same day my dad had to have surgery for a pacemaker. We are also in the process of having to short sale our house or having it go into foreclosure. Ace coming home is really a bright ending to an otherwise not so great year. I share this story hoping that it will give encouragement to those who are still looking. I remember asking if three months was too long and if I should give up. Ace was gone three weeks shy of a year, so apparently not!

P.S. I am not ‘religious’ but I absolutely believe in God and prayer. Ace is short for Azariah, and in Hebrew it means ‘He who God helps’. It is worth noting that Ace’s littermate sister, Samara, has disappeared for a month before, and a neighbor found her in the field across the street one night. Samara is Hebrew for ‘Guarded by God’.

Peace, Blessings, and Prayers for you and yours.

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