Lost Cat Found Online After One Year Missing

This heartwarming tale of a long-last cat being reunited with its family comes to us just in time to share it with you for Christmas.  In April of 2010, New Beginnings Cat Rescue in Garland, Texas, took in a friendly black and white cat from the local animal shelter.  Like so many of the cats they get from area shelters, they knew almost nothing about her – only that someone had turned her in, she was out of time, and they were her last hope.  They named her ‘Blue Bell’ after one of their volunteer’s beloved cats, and within weeks of her arrival, she was adopted by a wonderful couple from Little Elm, Texas, willing to give her a safe, permanent home.

But in November, Blue Bell’s family made a tough decision.  As much as they loved Blue Bell, but she had never completely adjusted to being around their dogs.  It was clear she wasn’t happy.  They reluctantly decided the best thing to do would be to return her to New Beginnings in hopes of finding her a loving, but “dog-free” new home.  They immediately posted Blue Bell’s photo and her profile on their adoption websites, and the family agreed she would stay with them until the right home could be found.

What they didn’t know was the day they added Blue Bell to their website, a Wylie mother gave her nine year old daughter permission to start looking for a new kitty to adopt.  Back in January, their beloved cat Sammie had been lost during a move. Sammie had been only six weeks old when they adopted her three years earlier, and her disappearance had been devastating to the entire family.  But the time had come to get a new cat.  That evening, mom and daughter sat down at the computer and started their search.  They assumed it would take some time to find just the right kitty to take Sammie’s place, but within minutes, the daughter saw Blue Bell’s profile.  She pointed at the picture and said, “MOM! That’s Sammie!”

Thousands of cats become lost each year, and only a small percentage are ever recovered.  It’s not unusual for a grieving pet owner, devastated by the loss of a beloved pet, to see a cat on-line and think it may be theirs.  More often than not, though, it is not.  So when Sammie’s family emailed New Beginnings about Blue Bell, they were understandably skeptical.  They asked all the usual questions (age, markings, etc.), but warned the mom and daughter that chances were slim Sammie and Blue Bell were one and the same.

To their surprise, the questions and answers matched up.  So they asked more questions and those answers matched as well.  Then when they saw a photo of Sammie, they knew that despite everyone’s initial doubts, Blue Bell might actually be the long-lost Sammie.  But there was a problem.  Blue Bell’s family had changed their minds about returning her, thinking perhaps they just hadn’t given her enough time to get to know the dogs.  When they heard that a little girl might be reunited with her beloved lost cat, though, they agreed to a meeting.

Even though it had been almost a year, Sammie’s mom was convinced Blue Bell was indeed Sammie.  She pulled out a scrapbook full of photos and they started comparing every visible color, spot, and pattern to Blue Bell.  In one of Sammie’s photos, her right paw pad was visible and they could clearly see that her toe pads were pink-black-pink-pink.  Slowly and carefully they lifted Blue Bell’s right paw to see her toe pads – and saw pink-black-pink-pink.  It was a definite match.  Blue Bell and Sammie were the same cat!

No one knows where Sammie was from January to April or how she came to be in the animal shelter, and while it was hard for Blue Bell’s family to let her go, they knew this was truly a miracle.  They were so moved by the situation they brought all of Blue Bell’s belongings and gave them to Sammie’s family.  It was a truly unselfish gesture that helped one mom give her children the best gift ever – their beloved Sammie was coming home.

New Beginnings Cat Rescue has kept in touch with both families.  Sammie is doing great and is very happy.  As for Sammie’s temporary family, they remember fondly the good times they had with Blue Bell and will remember this miracle for years to come.

Story by Heather Cicern, New Beginnings Cat Rescue.

Source: DFW Animal Rescue Blog

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