Cat Found After Four Months

I have been reading [the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group] for over 4 months and have learned alot about cats going stray, where to look and most especially not to give up. I diligently looked for our boy, and yesterday we finally found him! He’s been gone since August 18th! A woman who feeds and cares for strays who lived about 2 miles from me said he had been hanging around her house with other strays for some time. It’s been raining alot here so he showed up on her doorstep with a pathetic look soaking wet the other day, so she brought him in with her other 10 rescued cats. She took him to the vet the next day to have him tested and get shots, when she saw the flyer I left at the vet months ago posted still on their board. I have been looking for so long, could not hardly believe it was him. He’s a black cat which makes the search that much harder. He has become somewhat feral but he’s slowly snapping out of it. He’s terrified by our dogs, which he used to be best buddies with, so we are wondering if he was chased away by a dog or coyote originally. Before this all started, I didn’t even know there were coyotes in my area. He will be living indoors from now on, know that will be hard for him but that’s what it has to be. My husband thought I was a little crazy for looking for him so long, he thought for sure coyote got him but my gut feeling told me different. Thought it would be good to pass on good news, and thank you all as I learned so much from reading here [on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group].


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One Response to Cat Found After Four Months

  1. Lisa, thank you for posting your story. My cat has been missing for 3 months and my life is at a standstill. Your story gives me hope.

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