Gui Caught in Drop Trap After 8 Weeks

Gui went missing on November 14, 2010 from his basement apartment in Washington, DC. We searched the neighborhood thoroughly, including with two pet detectives with dogs. We crawled under people’s porches. We trespassed on neighbors’ property to look in garages, in crawl spaces, behind trash cans and grills. Meanwhile, it was starting to get cold. Our online reading lead us to the idea that we must come out in the middle of the night, and that’s how we learned Gui was alive when we caught a glimpse of him fleeing from one of us. Trapping Gui proved difficult. He would not go into a regular humane trap, so we had to resort to a drop trap, which Metro Ferals kindly lent to us. With a drop trap, you have to hide within a view of it and spring it manually when your cat walks under it. Three camp-outs in a car in bitter cold weather yielded nothing, even though Gui could be seen lurking close to the trap. The fourth time was the charm. We withheld food for one night and then put lots of stinky fish under the drop trap. Gui fell for it and his grandma (that’s me) nabbed him at 2 a.m. January 9th. He was scared and thrashed a bit but then seemingly recognized his grandma’s voice and settled down for the ride to her house. There he ate the bait prepared for multiple cats and started purring, content to be inside. He was taken to the vet the next days for tests and to be treated for parasites. He is thin but appears in reasonably good state otherwise. The relief is unbelievable. Having a missing pet is a nightmare rivaling a death in the family, only worse in some ways.

Shared by Natalie on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group

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