Cat Found After 7 Weeks in Freezing Weather

I found my sweet black cat Tuner after 7 weeks of him being missing in the freezing weather in Boise, Idaho. I was horribly depressed and felt guilty because I knew why he left.  My ex-husband moved much of the furniture out of the house and I left for two vacations shortly thereafter. Plus new neighbors brought new cats into the neighborhood that moved in on my cat’s territory.

I put posters on the far corners of my neighborhood, scoured the large field behind my house, and drove around at night. Then I read here that they don’t go far from home. So I put a poster on my own street and the street immediately behind the field. As I was hanging a poster, someone drove by and said they had seen my cat in their yard!

I walked down that street and called out for him. When I got to the end of the cul-de-sac, I heard meowing. He wasn’t on that street but my voice carried and he came from the next street over.

I hardly recognized him because his long fur had grown to adjust to the freezing weather. But beneath all that fur I found his collar. I picked him up and brought him home.

He’s very glad to be home. He hardly wants to go outside anymore, which is fine by me. He’s eating like crazy – averaging two cans a day, plus dry food.  He wasn’t far from home at all. I had called for him near that area when he first disappeared. But I figured that if he was there, he would easily find his way home and I focused my efforts elsewhere.

Anyway, I want to thank you all for your wisdom and encouragement. My friends were telling me to get another cat because surely the coyotes got mine. I was just about at that point too, but it’s thanks to you guys that I kept looking.

I hope for many other happy endings here.



(Source: Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group)

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One Response to Cat Found After 7 Weeks in Freezing Weather

  1. Lynn Berkery says:

    Wonderful story – I’m glad you didn’t listen to the bull… I’ve got to say I’m getting sick of hearing people say “a coyote got ’em”, whether they are giving advice or talking about their own cat that never came back. Its a blanket assumption meant to serve as an excuse to stop trying. Cats have a strong sense of smell and hearing, especially when they are out on their own – a very strong self protective instinct. They can easily climb 50 feet if in self protection mode. They just aren’t that easy for predators to catch unless they have young since they can’t move them that quickly. But if they were caught with any awareness of what was about to happen, and its hard to see how they wouldn’t be aware of it, they’d drop lots of fur – like birds to when they get caught – which would role and disperse, get caught in spiders’ webs etc. So for the astute searcher, the evidence of an attack would be available. People need to realize that its not just about their feelings, that while they might get used to their friend not being around, what their pet is experiencing and going through should be a concern – in other words – be a friend and continue to look. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being that friend to your pet.

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