Cat Lost Near Canadian Border Survives 3 Months in Winter

I recently found this blog post about two cats that went missing during the winter in Washington state near the Canadian border.  When it took place is unclear, but it was an unusually harsh winter for Washington.

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Summary:  In early December, their two cats, Toby and Tigger, crawled into the carpool van and hid under the seats.  At the carpool parking lot, Toby bolted into the woods, and when they arrived for work at the oil refinery, Tigger also escaped.  They were able to put many posters where Toby went missing, but not in the area of the oil refinery where Tigger got lost.  The oil refinery is located 100 miles from their home and up near the Canadian border.  The family eventually gave up hope as the months passed by and the snow continued to pile up.  Then in February, they received a call from a woman who lived south of the oil refinery that her son had found Tigger.  She doesn’t specify in the article, but I assume that Tigger still had on his collar and ID tags when he was found.  Tigger was skinny but otherwise okay, and he was very happy to be found.  He survived three months in the freezing cold in a remote area filled with predators.  Since he returned home, his hunting skills have improved considerably.  Sadly, they never did find Toby, but he was lost in a residential area so there is at least a better chance that someone took him in.

Source:  posted by Anywhere Gardener on HubPages

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  1. Mary says:

    Please look into using livetraps to get your babies home sooner!

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