Cat Found After 11 Years

Another miraculous long-term recovery due to a microchip!  Salem managed to slip unnoticed out of an open door just several months after the kitten was adopted.  After several weeks of searching the neighborhood, the Hill family gave up home of ever seeing Salem again.  Then on Christmas Eve, 11 years later, they received a call from the RSPCA (the United Kingdom equivalent of the ASPCA) that Salem had been turned in by someone who had been feeding her.  She was brought to a shelter about ten miles from original home.

To view the full story, visit Gossip Rocks

This story and others like it really underscore the importance of microchipping your cat and keeping the contact information up to date.  Many people move or change phone numbers and forget to login or otherwise contact their microchipping company and update their contact information.  A surprising number of cats with microchips are never claimed from the shelter because their owners’ cannot be located.  If your cat is lost and you have given up all other methods of searching, your cat may some day still be found if s/he has a microchip and if you remember to keep your contact information accurate.

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