Cat Thought Dead Survives Fire

There was recently a story in the news about a woman near Boston whose apartment burned while she wasn’t home and whose dog was assumed dead.  However, nearly one month later, her dog was found living in the burned out apartment (full story on  While this certainly is a miracle, a short search on the internet revealed that there are many similar miracles taking place with cats in house fires.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Smoka, Miracle Cat Survives Blaze & Fire Debris:  This 16 week old kitten survived 26 days trapped beneath sixteen feet of rubble after a house fire.  She was found by the construction crew conducting the clean up and survived her ordeal.  (Source: Love Meow blog)

Tally the Cat Survives Explosion, Fire:  This cat survived a fire caused by a gas line explosion that took the lives of five people and destroyed an entire row of homes.  (Source: The Anipal Times)

‘Miracle’ Cat Survives Deadly Apartment Fire:  This family was saved by their cat from an apartment fire that killed several other people.  Sadly, the cat panicked and hid in the apartment when they tried to leave.  One month later they received a call from their landlord that he had found a cat living in the apartment.  They rushed back only to find that it was not their lost cat but another cat that had survived the deadly apartment fire.  They later found that the cat’s owner had perished in the blaze so they adopted her and named her ‘Miracle.’  (Source:

Cat Survives Fire by Hiding in Couch: (Source Itchmo: News for Cats & Dogs)  There are actually many stories of this kind where the cat is found after the fire and hiding somewhere in or under the house.  To find more, just do an internet search with key words “cat survives fire found.”

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