Miracles Do Happen! Lost Sick Cat Found Alive After 2.5 Months



For those needing a story with a happy ending despite all odds stacked against you! I still cannot believe it. This is a miraculous story that has to be shared with all who have lost their kitty and have given up hope and need inspiration.

My little Spot, a neutered black male who had megacolon went missing whilst I was in Australia. I was devastated. I even paid for an earlier flight back to Italy to try and find him. He needed medication and a special diet in order for him to poop, so to find him a.s.a.p was crucial.

I searched for nearly a month, in the rain and cold. Every day and every night. Near and far. Put up notices. Posted on the internet. Asked every neighbor in a radius of 2 km. I even went around the area the plumber (who was working on our boiler at our house the day Spot went missing) lived. I also searched the area around our bar where the plumber went immediately after finishing up at our house. Nothing. I was an emotional mess.
Then came that dreadful day, about 3 and 1/2 weeks later. I had discovered a black furred piece of skin hung in a tree down the bottom of our property , with fur torn out in hunks a midst the leaves and dirt immediately below the horrible find, indicating a struggle. The piece of skin was quite large, seemingly the stomach of my beloved Spot. There were no other black cats around our property, and Spot had a spot of white on his stomach, hence his name. The pelt I had discovered had even a little white patch of fur on it. I had taken the piece into my vet to confirm it was the pelt of a cat, which she had confirmed. I was inconsolable.

The weeks that followed were just as terrible, I still couldn’t believe he had gone. It’s spring here now, the weather is warm and the grass long. There are birds everywhere.. .the first time in 3 years because Spot unfortunately was an avid hunter…although the last 6 months had sported a collar heavy with 3 bells and since caught very few birds(if any) but he still scared them from feeding around our house. I am working in the vegetable garden now, and I have periods of sadness because Spot used to roll around in the dirt next to me whilst I worked. In fact it was only last week I was still calling his name while I was in the fields, hoping stupidly he would reappear.

Yesterday my partner got a call from our vet. She wanted to see me. I thought it strange. I thought maybe she had a little kitten that needed a home. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she brought out a cage and inside was a little black cat. It was Spot!!!!!!!!  I was in shock. I still am. It was impossible. More than 2 1/2 months had passed. Everyone thought he was dead, even I! Incredible!! He was skin and bones. Our vet had had him since Friday. Apparently he was in a very bad way when they brought him in. She had operated, opened up his stomach and removed a huge blockage of feces, that obviously couldn’t be manually extracted. She had kept him there, not calling myself or my partner until today, because she was unsure whether he would make it. She performed the surgery free of charge. She didn’t want the money. I feel like I’m in a dream, I still can’t believe it!!!!!!!

It turns out that Spot was hanging around several cats that belonged to a man (unsure whether they were his cats or he was just feeding them regularly). Can you believe he was the father of someone we know quite well, and his son and his girlfriend both knew my cat was missing?!) He lived about one kilometer from our bar, and about 7 kilometers from our house. Apparently Spot had been hanging around there for a while. Obviously the man saw Spot was in a bad way (unsure how long he was unwell for) and THANK GOD he took him to OUR VET! How amazing!

How he got 7 kilometers from our house remains a mystery. I think probably the more likely scenario was the plumber…going from our house to the bar the day Spot went missing. He ended up only about a kilometer from the bar. The other absolutely mind blowing thing is that he has megacolon! He wouldn’t go for more than 3 weeks without a vet visit. He was on daily medication and a wet food diet. He must have pooped during his adventure otherwise, as the vet echoed, he would have died. He must have been sick at least the last few weeks according the the amount of feces that was blocking him up but the fact remains he survived relatively well without anything for at least seven weeks!

I was convinced my little buddy was dead, and I wasn’t the type of person to believe so readily, but with all the facts stacked up in front of me, his long absence, his state of health and especially the hideous discovery of the pelt, I was finally sadly convinced that he was gone forever. I had ceased to search. Now just imagine if Spot WAS WELL. A healthy cat. That man would never have brought him to the vet. I would probably never ever know that he was actually ALIVE. Alive and living a kilometer away from the bar we work at nearly every day. SO even if your kitty is missing, and you don’t find him/her. It doesn’t mean that they have met a horrible ending. Strange things happen, don’t give up. You could still find them even though it seems impossible. Even in the end if you don’t find them, believe in the possibility of miracles, your kitty could be well and may even be in a new home, because think about my story. If Spot had not had megacolon he would most probably be living years a relatively happy life just a mile from my work and I would NEVER HAVE KNOWN. He would have been just a sad memory, my little buddy who died when I was 20,000 miles away. Have faith. Miracles do happen.

Love Megan…and Spot!!!!!

Originally shared on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group and re-printed with Megan’s permission.

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5 Responses to Miracles Do Happen! Lost Sick Cat Found Alive After 2.5 Months

  1. Thanks so much for this story. My cat has been gone for four months and I lost him four miles north of his home in a boarding mishap. I pray every day that he returns. This gives me hope he will be found. I hope Spot thrives again with you near him. 🙂

  2. Jami O'Dell says:

    I have a similar story. My cat Karsh ran outside on the 7th of November at night. I went outside looking for him day and night. He had an appointment on the 12th to be microchipped because he likes to run outside and chase the birds. Yet, he escaped before then and I could not find him. I dropped everything and made posters. Posted them everywhere. Put an ad in the paper, online, got the neighborhood kids to help look for him. No sightings. I went to the humane society every 2 days. Unfortunately, on day 3 they are euthanized. Every time I went I was disappointed. He wasn’t there. Someone told me that they found a skull. I looked at it. It must be
    someone else’s cat, not mine. It can’t be
    mine. It’s the 20th. I am exhausted. Searching into the cold snowy nights. I get an email. A woman lost her orange cat. She went to a vet office near her home, 30 miles away from mine. It wasn’t her cat. It was mine. She saw a picture of him that I posted online. I had shaved his tail a month before he was lost because I was treating stud tail. I drove the 30 miles, 2 cities away. They opened the cage. I called his name and he ran to me. It was him! 6 lbs lighter, and a frostbitten ear later. An angel found him and took him to the vet.
    Never give up. Keep looking. And always look in the bed of trucks in your neighborhood. Your cat might be hiding in there. My Karsh is home!

  3. Lisa says:

    What a wonderful story! My cat went missing on 11/18/13, I traveled with her a few times to different places & never had a problem. I can’t sleep without her since she is the light of my life (even more than my husband) I went to visit a friend who lives 1 & 1/2 hrs. away from our home. We were there for 3 days until someone opened the window all the way up & she popped out the screen and escaped the home. I searched the whole neighborhood, posting daily Lost Cat ads on the Internet & even offering a reward for her return but nothing. I been checking daily the shelters via online in hopes they caught her but again nothing. I cry & cry about her… She’s my little baby! I do believe in miracles & still have hope & faith I will find her! She is an indoor cat that never been outside by herself unless she’s with me & on a leash. I just wanted to reinforce my belief that I will be reunited with her again so I felt compelled to read about inspiring cat stories and for some reason, I bypassed alot but felt I would read yours 1st & I’m really happy that I did! Your story gives me hope & inspiration! I am so distraught! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Andy says:

    Dear pet owners

    I wanted to share my missing cat story with some helpful tips, so that I can give both hope and direction to pet owners who are in the situation that I was in, as I am fully aware of what a distressing situation it is to be in.

    We are a family of 4 and we had our beloved Siamese cat, Fudge for approximately 14 years before one day he suddenly went missing. We live in a house on the outskirts of London, where there is plenty of open space, and he was a cat who enjoyed playing throughout the neighbourhood gardens. He lost his eye sight due to a genetic problem when he was 11 years old, but this did not deter him from roaming the gardens and he could navigate very well. In fact, it had taken us a while to realise that he had lost his sight because it was almost as though nothing had changed for him. Although he was rather timid, he was a very intelligent cat with an excellent memory and losing his sight heightened all of his other senses.

    Each evening after his daily adventure, without fail, he would come home to have some dinner and to relax in the warmth of the house, but one evening he did not come back. We thought he may have got stuck in somebody’s house, so we decided to wait another day before taking action. After another day without him showing up, we feared the worst.

    We decided to take action with a number of approaches to get him home safely. Time is of the essence in these situations, and I have put an action list below to help all pet owners trying to find their loved ones:

    1) Create a ‘Missing’ poster – ensure that key information is put on the poster, including:
    Name – calling your pet’s name will help them come to whoever finds them.
    Breed/type – this will help finders easily identify your pet.
    Description of their characteristics – again this will help finders identify your pet.
    Two recent photos – it is useful to put a close up of your pet’s face, as well as a full body length photo, so that any potential finder can be sure that it’s the right one.
    Tell people to check their garages/sheds – when your pet is lost, it may well be trapped in someone’s garage or shed, so asking your neighbours to check may help your pet be found sooner.
    Reward – if you want to entice people to help find your pet, you may want to inform them that there will be a reward for their troubles. It is important not to state any price, as you do not want people bargaining with you should they find your beloved. Only hand over a reward once your pet has been safely returned.
    Contact information – this is essential to put on the missing poster. Ensure that you put your name and a number where you can be easily reached on.
    After you have designed your missing poster, print off several 100 and post them through the letter boxes of the surrounding houses in your neighbourhood. It is also worth posting them through the houses on streets adjacent to you. Additionally, you should post posters up in areas that lots of people are likely to see, such as lamp posts, post boxes etc. It is also worth asking local shops and vets to put the poster up in their shop.

    2) Post an advert in the local newspaper – ensure that key information is captured from the missing poster and this will be an effective way of raising awareness. The cost of placing an ad for us was £50 and we did get quite a few calls with people thinking they had seen Fudge. If you have pet insurance then contact your provider, as they may provide financial assistance on advertising for your pet.

    3) Inform local animal organisations, such as the RSPCA. If anybody calls their local animal authority it is important that they are aware that your pet is missing. This can be an effective method of retrieving your beloved pet, so please make sure you have done this. If you are unsure of the contact information of your local RSPCA, then enter your location with ‘RSPCA’ on a search engine to find out.

    The RSPCA can reach a wide audience quickly to help you find your pet, as they often tweet to raise awareness to help bring pets back to their owners.

    4) Search, search and search. Search your pet’s favourite hiding places, search your garages and sheds, search high and low in your local area and don’t give up hope. Leave items of your clothing in your garden – this will help your pet navigate home through their strong sense of smell.

    5) Microchipped Pets – Although Fudge was not microchipped, if you are lucky enough to have had your pet microchipped then contact your providing company and inform them your cat is missing – make sure your contact details are up to date, so that they can easily get in touch.

    After we had carried out all of these tasks, we got lots of phone calls about Fudge’s whereabouts. A lot of them proved to be false sightings, but we did not give up hope. Each day before work I would set my alarm 1 hour early and walk in the surrounding roads and parks in search of our beloved pet.

    After 10 days of Fudge being missing, it was difficult to keep on going with the search and although we had read other stories of pets being missing for months before showing up, we thought that it would be extremely difficult for him to survive with no food and no water, since he was blind. When all seemed to be lost, we received a call from someone saying that Fudge was in their garden. I did not want to get my hopes up until I had seen him, so I left work and went to see whether it was really him.

    I was greeted by a very friendly lady, who lived half a mile down the road from our house. She said that a Siamese cat had been in her garden for a few days and that she had heard about the missing poster through some of her friends who had seen the missing poster. I can’t explain the feeling of joy that I got when I saw that it was him! She informed me that she didn’t feed him in case he was someone else’s cat, which is understandable. I offered the reward money to her, but she politely refused despite all my best efforts to hand it over – this act of kindness truly warmed my heart. Fudge was very very thin; a shadow of his former self and to this day, I have no idea how he managed to survive without easy access to food or water, let alone how he managed to safely get into this lady’s garden, as he had to cross at least two roads!

    I gave Fudge a big hug and lots of kisses, hugged the lady who had found him and then rushed him home and cooked him chicken breast (his favourite dish). I then informed all of the local pet authorities and places where his poster was that Fudge was found and then I dashed back to work.

    From this day Fudge became much more relaxed around everyone; opting to become a sweet indoor cat surrounded by his loving family. This day changed all of our lives for the better and taught us to never give up. Fudge lived 2 more happy years full of love, before peacefully passing away from old age on 15th February 2014.

    I have written this post in loving memory of my little prince and I hope that Fudge’s story helps illustrate the importance of generating awareness in the community and word of mouth when trying to find a lost pet. I hope that his story will help other pets find the same happiness in being reunited with their owners. Thank you for reading.

  5. Brian says:

    Yes it is very important to microchip our pets this is my story!

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