Lost Cat Thought Dead Found Thanks to ID Tag

Lucky "returned from the dead" after four months due to his ID tag

Lucky “returned from the dead” after four months due to his ID tag

Lucky went missing shortly after his family moved to a new home.  He was an experienced outdoor-access cat, but being unfamiliar with the new area, he disappeared on the first day that he was let outside at his new address.  His family acted immediately and called me (a pet detective) just the day after he went missing.  We conducted a search of the neighborhood with my cat detection dog to ensure that Lucky was not trapped or injured and hiding in the immediate area, but we found no sign of him.  I instructed Lucky’s family on how to implement an effective search plan to continue looking for him, but sadly they never really got started.  The following day animal control called and reported finding a deceased cat that matched Lucky’s description just 1/4 mile from their new home.  This cat did not have on a collar with ID tags, as Lucky had when he went missing, but they concluded that it most likely was Lucky and buried him in the back yard.

Fast forward over four months, and I received this amazing email from Lucky’s owner:

“So you will never believe the news I have for you…… the big black cat that animal control brought to us 4 months ago that was hit by the car and my husband buried in our yard, was not Lucky!!  Two weeks ago a woman showed up at our door asking if we had lost a black cat.  We said yes, 4 months ago but he was hit by a car.  She said, well I have a black cat with a red collar and tags with this address and phone number.  She brought the carrier in and I literally fell to the floor crying when I looked in and saw his face and collar still perfectly in tact on his neck.  A woman had been putting food out for him all winter but she never got close enough to see the tag.  She had called a woman who volunteers at PAWS in Wakefield MA early in the winter to try to get him to bring him out of the cold but when she showed up he was not around as much.  Then he started coming back around her house a few weeks ago and that woman from PAWS went there and was able to trap him.  When she saw him in the cage and that he was black and his name Lucky it sounded familiar to her, then he moved and his tag flipped over and she saw the address and was so surprised.  She called the animal control guy in Lynnfield and asked him and he said oh yeah I brought a black cat to them a few days after he was reported missing.  She then told him that she had Lucky with our address on his collar and he was amazed.  She drove to our house as she lives in the same city as us and I actually talked to her when he first went missing.  I opened the carrier and he walked out rubbed my leg and hopped up on the bed and laid down like nothing ever happened.  It is so unbelievable!!  We took him to the vet and he was perfectly fine, not a scratch or flea on him and he gained a pound while he was out in the wild all winter.  Go figure!  We got a chip put in him and registered with Home Again. ….  Hope all is well and I still can’t believe he is home and I am writing this email to you!!  Best, Stacey”

Case file from Lost Pet Research & Recovery

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4 Responses to Lost Cat Thought Dead Found Thanks to ID Tag

  1. Ruhi says:

    I just found a pet cat at our apartment, I’m not a person very well in keeping pet, what should I do to bring her to her owner sooner? Thanks

  2. Skippy says:

    Hi its been just over 2 long years since i got lost .
    My family and my fellow Feline Spotzy looked for me abd looked for me..
    I survived one of the longest Coldest winters Chicago ever had .
    My mommy always knew in her heart i was not far but never going out .being a scardy cat i just got very very twisted around .
    About a week ago i found my way . I would sit on the back porxh ( the door i went out ) but the screen door is loud and it woukd scare me so i woukd run away again .
    2 nights ago i was on the porch again .
    Mom came out then a skunk came by so i ran again .
    Tonight i found Spotzy ! Tonight i came home !
    We sat on the porch together till mom opened the door . I was kinda unsure but mom knew it was me she wasnt going back in till i came in.
    She gave me a few bites of food ! Food ! That yummy stuff i have not had much of the last 2 yrs .
    I came in mom gave me a bath i have some paint on me i was very dirty too.
    Now i am cuddled up on the couch with my family .the boys. Oh my boys i missed their love so much.
    Spotzy he’s my big bro again ! I am no longer alone and back inside the hiuse where i shoukd not have left.
    My name is Skippy .i am 3 yrs old . With out a microchip i found my way back home .
    I love my family .i am so glad to be home

  3. This is a great story. Would really be helpful to get ID tags for your pets as this could be a great way in retrieving our pets in case they get lost. – Michael

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