Find More Stories of Lost and Found Cats

You can find even more inspirational stories of lost and found cats by visiting the testimonial pages of lost and found pet groups and pet detectives.

Here are a few:

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1 Response to Find More Stories of Lost and Found Cats

  1. Dana Burroughs says:

    Rodger our one year old cat. Loves the outdoors always came home when he hears his name called. Went outside February 28, 2015 and came home yesterday March 25, 2015. four weeks and three days of complete misery looking day and night for him. I was in total shock when I heard his yellowing meows as he ran toward me. I scooped him up brought him in he was clean, dry, hungry, thin and frantic. He is very weak. But eating and drinking. I think he was trapped or lost in a drainage ditch. He survived a snowstorm -4 temps. And massive rain. For those of you missing your baby. Know cats are survivors. I am taking him to the vet to get checked out and microchipped and purchasing a cat GPS collar that syncs with my iPhone. Never going through that again.

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