Happy ending lost cat tales! Read stories about cats that have gone missing and were later reunited with their families. Learn from the stories, and if you have lost your cat, I hope that these stories give you hope that you will find him/her. I believe that many many cats are never found because their owners/guardians give up way too soon. As these stories can attest, many cats are found months to years after they go missing, and they are frequently found within 1 or 2 miles of where they originally went missing. Please do not give up hope on your lost cat! For additional information on how to effectively search for and recover a lost cat, check out my blog links.

If you have already lost and found your cat, please consider submitting your stories to this blog to help inspire others to keep looking.  Use the Submit Story Form below.  By doing so, you are giving the blog owner, Danielle Robertson, permission to reprint your story on this blog.  However, she will not retain any additional rights to use your story.

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  1. Hi

    I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful blog! I’ve blogged on lost cats http://whenthecatisaway.com/can-cats-open-doors today, and I linked to your blog. I found a lot of postings about how to find your cat, but I think your blog is the only one who is solely dealing with giving hope and successful stories.

    Great work!

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