Going to Extraordinary Measures – Cat Found After Six Months

You may get to the point where you think that you have tried everything possible to find your missing cat.  However, few people have tried methods as creative as those used by one woman in New Zealand to find her missing cat, Darwin (a.k.a. Mr. D).  Visit the Catnip Chronicles, October 2008, to read Darwin’s story.  Note that even though Darwin was missing for six months, he was still found only 1 mile from home.  For more great cat stories and other useful information, check out the most recent edition of the Catnip Chronicles.

Here is the news story that covered Karyn’s efforts before she actually found Darwin.

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Cat Found After 11 Years

Another miraculous long-term recovery due to a microchip!  Salem managed to slip unnoticed out of an open door just several months after the kitten was adopted.  After several weeks of searching the neighborhood, the Hill family gave up home of ever seeing Salem again.  Then on Christmas Eve, 11 years later, they received a call from the RSPCA (the United Kingdom equivalent of the ASPCA) that Salem had been turned in by someone who had been feeding her.  She was brought to a shelter about ten miles from original home.

To view the full story, visit Gossip Rocks

This story and others like it really underscore the importance of microchipping your cat and keeping the contact information up to date.  Many people move or change phone numbers and forget to login or otherwise contact their microchipping company and update their contact information.  A surprising number of cats with microchips are never claimed from the shelter because their owners’ cannot be located.  If your cat is lost and you have given up all other methods of searching, your cat may some day still be found if s/he has a microchip and if you remember to keep your contact information accurate.

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Cat Lost Near Canadian Border Survives 3 Months in Winter

I recently found this blog post about two cats that went missing during the winter in Washington state near the Canadian border.  When it took place is unclear, but it was an unusually harsh winter for Washington.

For the full story, visit HubPages.com

Summary:  In early December, their two cats, Toby and Tigger, crawled into the carpool van and hid under the seats.  At the carpool parking lot, Toby bolted into the woods, and when they arrived for work at the oil refinery, Tigger also escaped.  They were able to put many posters where Toby went missing, but not in the area of the oil refinery where Tigger got lost.  The oil refinery is located 100 miles from their home and up near the Canadian border.  The family eventually gave up hope as the months passed by and the snow continued to pile up.  Then in February, they received a call from a woman who lived south of the oil refinery that her son had found Tigger.  She doesn’t specify in the article, but I assume that Tigger still had on his collar and ID tags when he was found.  Tigger was skinny but otherwise okay, and he was very happy to be found.  He survived three months in the freezing cold in a remote area filled with predators.  Since he returned home, his hunting skills have improved considerably.  Sadly, they never did find Toby, but he was lost in a residential area so there is at least a better chance that someone took him in.

Source:  posted by Anywhere Gardener on HubPages

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Lost Cat Found During Recent Winter Storm

Angel was lost on January 17th in Hanover, PA.  She apparently crawled up into the engine of her owner, Will’s, car, and she jumped out somewhere on the way to his wife’s job at the hospital.  On January 31st, The Evening Sun ran an article on Angel’s story and the effect her loss had on the family (read the story here).  A neighbor near the hospital saw the story and remembered seeing a cat that looked like Angel.  Will’s daughter put up more posters in the area and more sightings came in, and they put out food on one of the porches.  Then on Tuesday night as another major storm was moving through the area, Will was driving around and saw Angel sitting in a front yard.  She initially ran from him, but he got down on one knee and talked to her and she came running right into his arms.  She is now safe and warm and back at her home after 15 days lost.

To read the whole story, visit The Evening Sun

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Lost Indoor-Only Cat Survives Three Snow Storms

On Christmas Eve, Jinxy, an indoor-only short-haired black cat, managed to slip outside unnoticed.  Her owner, Jazzy, searched the neighborhood for hours each day, distributed flyers to many of her neighbors, and put posters up and down her street.  Over the next two weeks, she received calls of several sightings, but none proved to be the missing Jinxy.  Meanwhile, Rhode Island had its first big snow storm of the year with at least 10” on December 26-27.  Then on January 10th, Jazzy received a call from a neighbor two houses down that they might have seen Jinxy on their porch.  Jazzy started putting out food and trapping at her neighbor’s but only caught other cats.  On January 11-12, there was a second big storm dropping another 12” of snow.  This was followed by a snow and rain mix on Jan 17-18 and another couple of inches of snow on January 21st.  Temperatures throughout December and January often dropped into the teens at night and on January 15th, it dropped all the way down to five degrees.

On January 16th (three weeks after Jinxy escaped), I drove out to Rhode Island to help Jazzy in her search and rented her two wildlife surveillance cameras.  She put one camera up outside her home and the other at the neighbor’s house with the most promising sighting.  On January 22nd she found several pictures of Jinxy on the camera and she again stepped up her efforts to try and trap her at the neighbor’s.  Jazzy made frequent trips to her neighbor’s house to check the trap and add fresh food since the wet food kept freezing.  During one of these trips around 8pm, she arrived to find Jinxy walking towards the trap.  When Jazzy called her name, Jinxy initially ran and hid, but she was meowing at the same time.  Jazzy got down flat on the ground and continued to talk to Jinxy.  She was purring as she came back out to eat the food, so Jazzy crawled slowly towards her.  When she picked her up, Jinxy didn’t fight or try to get away, and Jazzy put her in the trap and carried her home.

All told, Jinxy survived below freezing temperatures and three snow storms with a total accumulation of nearly 30” of snow.  She did have a small amount of frost bite on her feet and an injury to her tail, but she is now safely home thanks to Jazzy’s persistence and never giving up hope.

Source: Compassionate Pet Services case file

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Cat Found After 7 Weeks in Freezing Weather

I found my sweet black cat Tuner after 7 weeks of him being missing in the freezing weather in Boise, Idaho. I was horribly depressed and felt guilty because I knew why he left.  My ex-husband moved much of the furniture out of the house and I left for two vacations shortly thereafter. Plus new neighbors brought new cats into the neighborhood that moved in on my cat’s territory.

I put posters on the far corners of my neighborhood, scoured the large field behind my house, and drove around at night. Then I read here that they don’t go far from home. So I put a poster on my own street and the street immediately behind the field. As I was hanging a poster, someone drove by and said they had seen my cat in their yard!

I walked down that street and called out for him. When I got to the end of the cul-de-sac, I heard meowing. He wasn’t on that street but my voice carried and he came from the next street over.

I hardly recognized him because his long fur had grown to adjust to the freezing weather. But beneath all that fur I found his collar. I picked him up and brought him home.

He’s very glad to be home. He hardly wants to go outside anymore, which is fine by me. He’s eating like crazy – averaging two cans a day, plus dry food.  He wasn’t far from home at all. I had called for him near that area when he first disappeared. But I figured that if he was there, he would easily find his way home and I focused my efforts elsewhere.

Anyway, I want to thank you all for your wisdom and encouragement. My friends were telling me to get another cat because surely the coyotes got mine. I was just about at that point too, but it’s thanks to you guys that I kept looking.

I hope for many other happy endings here.



(Source: Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group)

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Fluffy, a cat from Texas, Survives Three Months Lost in Yellowstone

Fluffy went missing while his Texas family was camping in a trailer in West Yellowstone in August 2008.  He was caught in a humane trap three months later, one mile from the campground, and reunited with his family through his ID tag.  Visit MSNBC for the full story.  Many grief stricken owners are quick to assume that their lost cat was killed by coyotes or other wildlife.  However, if you don’t find remains that you can positively identify as your cat, do not give up hope on your lost cat.  Cats are incredible survivors and if Fluffy could survive three months in a wilderness full of wolves, coyotes, foxes, badgers, grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, eagles, and owls, then it’s possible that your cat could survive too.

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Gui Caught in Drop Trap After 8 Weeks

Gui went missing on November 14, 2010 from his basement apartment in Washington, DC. We searched the neighborhood thoroughly, including with two pet detectives with dogs. We crawled under people’s porches. We trespassed on neighbors’ property to look in garages, in crawl spaces, behind trash cans and grills. Meanwhile, it was starting to get cold. Our online reading lead us to the idea that we must come out in the middle of the night, and that’s how we learned Gui was alive when we caught a glimpse of him fleeing from one of us. Trapping Gui proved difficult. He would not go into a regular humane trap, so we had to resort to a drop trap, which Metro Ferals kindly lent to us. With a drop trap, you have to hide within a view of it and spring it manually when your cat walks under it. Three camp-outs in a car in bitter cold weather yielded nothing, even though Gui could be seen lurking close to the trap. The fourth time was the charm. We withheld food for one night and then put lots of stinky fish under the drop trap. Gui fell for it and his grandma (that’s me) nabbed him at 2 a.m. January 9th. He was scared and thrashed a bit but then seemingly recognized his grandma’s voice and settled down for the ride to her house. There he ate the bait prepared for multiple cats and started purring, content to be inside. He was taken to the vet the next days for tests and to be treated for parasites. He is thin but appears in reasonably good state otherwise. The relief is unbelievable. Having a missing pet is a nightmare rivaling a death in the family, only worse in some ways.

Shared by Natalie on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group

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Cats 101: Cats Gone Wild

This short video includes stories of two cats that accidentally traveled thousands of miles.

Source: AnimalPlanetTV on YouTube

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Cat Found After Four Months

I have been reading [the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group] for over 4 months and have learned alot about cats going stray, where to look and most especially not to give up. I diligently looked for our boy, and yesterday we finally found him! He’s been gone since August 18th! A woman who feeds and cares for strays who lived about 2 miles from me said he had been hanging around her house with other strays for some time. It’s been raining alot here so he showed up on her doorstep with a pathetic look soaking wet the other day, so she brought him in with her other 10 rescued cats. She took him to the vet the next day to have him tested and get shots, when she saw the flyer I left at the vet months ago posted still on their board. I have been looking for so long, could not hardly believe it was him. He’s a black cat which makes the search that much harder. He has become somewhat feral but he’s slowly snapping out of it. He’s terrified by our dogs, which he used to be best buddies with, so we are wondering if he was chased away by a dog or coyote originally. Before this all started, I didn’t even know there were coyotes in my area. He will be living indoors from now on, know that will be hard for him but that’s what it has to be. My husband thought I was a little crazy for looking for him so long, he thought for sure coyote got him but my gut feeling told me different. Thought it would be good to pass on good news, and thank you all as I learned so much from reading here [on the Missing Cat Assistance Yahoo! Group].


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